It’s no big deal if you are feeling like fool, good for nothing freak! Because at some point of our lives we all had felt the same thing( or feeling right now, like me). I’m sure jLo, Justin Bieber or any other multimillionaire must have also felt these same things! But the thing is they dealt with it fiercely ( unlike you and me). Well I’m not gonna lecture you about life or anything, just Say’in that buddy you’re not suffering alone in these whole wide world,there are many people suffering the same or even worse things than you. What you gotta do is just get your shit together and get ahead of those toxicities in your life! There will be a lot of people that will discourage you, and try to drag you down below them ( Okay that’s not sounding very decent, well if you understand what I mean indicates I’m not the only one with a dirty mind xD). So yeah these toxic people have no other work in life other than ruining your life ( not kidding) you can’t completely blame them as well because they are too miserable to focus on their life so they tend to interfere in yours ┐( ˘_˘)┌ .

Like if you ever feel disappointed or depressed or even feeling a little low contact a non-toxic person ( who never judges you by your current livelihood status) . But you know what in my case speaking to a total stranger is much easier than a person who actually knows me, Like I don’t have to worry about my reputation and my secrets would be absolutely safe him/her , because like to whom he/she is gonna spill my secrets right ╮(^▽^)╭. So this thing works for me prety much, and if you’re seriously in a very need of a conversation with a non-toxic person, you can always give me a text with a hastag (#)Talktofreak . I would totally judge you if you do so, how desperate are you buddy, texting an awful writer , gaawdddddd get your standards high dude ╮(╯_╰)╭ ( just kidding)

Okay I’m not gonna promise anything about my next post date, because last time I could not keep my promise, because I was hurt you guys are such a disappointment ( see what I did there ᕙ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)ᕗ huh!) Kidding! Was busy with college stuff. So until next time Ba-bye love y’all(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤.

Things that made me like the way I am. ( Part-1)

I’m not the kind of person who has got all the love in the world. I’ve suffered a lot since childhood.(no I’m not trying to gain any sympathy, you douche don’t think like that, stop assuming, haven’t you read my last blog? Hehe I know bad advertisement tactic! XD) I have daddy and mommy issues, well yeah that sucks! And if that was not enough I’ve never seen my family to be plum, it has always been through financial crisis. As I’m the only child in the house all their hopes and aspirations has been clinging on to my feet since childhood.( F*ck! its exhausting ಠ﹏ಠ) Everything was going good until I hit puberty, and my mommy issues really started to prick me! There was nothing I can do. I wasn’t mature enough to handle these kinda situations and was also not a child anymore to ignore those things. God! that was a horrible period of my life. And there enters my ex-boyfriend whom I had mistaken to be my knight in shining armor.( Ewww! What kind of comparison was that, dear lord ! I suck at this ). Anyway that’s a different another story, the end point is I lost him or maybe he lost me either way it broke me into pieces ( again not trying to get your sympathy ತ_ತ) Probably that was the time when I started to building my own stone Castle( like the one Rapunzel was kept held. Its not that I’m comparing me with Rapunzel hahah what a pathetic joke it would be. God I keep drifting off my topic (눈‸눈) ) . A castle in which my feelings would be safe and nobody in the world could ever hurt me. But the thing is there are still some “people” in this world whose actions affect me, despite me being inside my safe castle. May be they are rooted into my heart so much that even after breaking into fragments they are still in there. Of course I’m not gonna name the “people”, haha perks of being a writer( aww did I just call myself a writer xD lol).

You know what let’s continue this epic ( Pathetic ಠ◡ಠ) story of my Life in the next blog.(Actually I’ve loads of assignments to submit on Monday so had to discontinue, don’t wanna rush things ಠ‿ಠ). See you guys on Tuesday. Until then Ba-bye love y’all (。♡‿♡。).

Assumptions are better reconsidered!

Let me tell you a very simple incident that happened with me last night then I’ll go on what’s the title about.

Okay so yesterday I was too lazy to make my own dinner. So I ordered my food online at around say 8 o’clock . It said it would arrive within 45 mins. I was like okay I can hold my savage hunger for 45 mins , no big deal right! With my phone in one hand and remote on the other hand I was patiently waiting for the food to arrive while watching MasterChef Australia. (Note: Never watch food related show when you’re hungry af and you’re fridge is empty, I repeat never!)

Constantly checking my phone to know the location of my precious food. But everytime I checked it showed “Your food is being prepared and the delivery guy is waiting for your order at the Restaurant”. It was 9 o’clock already and still it was showing that my food is being prepared, I mean how long does it take to make noodles? I was so pissed off . I contacted the customer service and got the delivery boy’s number. I dialed the delivery guy’s number and spoke to him as if he was a criminal or something. I’m sorry but the beast inside my stomach was growling enough to be heard from a mile away. But he responded very softly and told me that he couldn’t find my address and was roaming around my area for the past 15-20 mins. I became furious, first of all his tracking mode was off or something like that I dunno on my phone it was still showing that my food is being prepared ಠ_ಠ, I just assumed that he must be doing his personal work somewhere and was stalling me. Whatever I thought I’d deal with him face to face but first I really need to get my food, the beast needs to be fed. So I gave him the directions. And to my surprise he arrived within the next 10 mins. I went to the main door to get my food and teach that work-skipper a lesson but when I saw this middle-aged man with no proper equipments( The bag that keeps the food hot, a good cell phone, etc) to deliver foods on his bike, my heart just melted like butter. And when he explained that it was his first day at work and he had no idea how this new technologies work( the GPS and other stuffs), the beast that was growling so much was now whining with shame and guilt. Within a heartbeat my facial expression changed from “I’ll kill you” to “It’s not your fault thank you so much”. I wanted to help him understand how this whole online ordering thing works but as an ambivert I just couldn’t, I just waved him goodbye.I regret it a lot, well to make it up to him I gave him a good rating (•‿•). I regret a lot of things in my life, that’s the reason why I write them down to feel light.

The lesson is ” When you’re in distress, you tend to assume negative things about others to ease your stressful mind. It’s impossible to not assume anything at all but it is possible to at least consider what others has to say.”

Thank you for reading guys, Comment down if you agree. Also comment even if you don’t agree and do enlighten me why do you think so. Its a two way thing you know. Eagerly waiting for your response (• ▽ •;)

I’ll be posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so we’ll be seeing each other a lot, it’s better if you get used to my weirdness! Anyway Ba-bye, Love y’all ( All 1000 imaginary readers ) ( ◜‿◝ )♡

My first blog!

I dunno how to do this blogging thing, Umm.. Wait, not that I ace at everything I do! But who cares, I’ll just write anyway, hehe. Well I’m the most awkward person you will ever come across, I’d be wishing you dead in my mind and laughing with you at the same time. Insane Right?I know! I write because I s*ck at verbally expressing my feelings. I’ve started writing stuffs from 2017 when I had my first break up, well technically my only break-up. Aggh! Such a cliché! But it is what it is! I never wrote to impress or be popular on social media , I write to compose my feelings. But in this process of expressing my feelings through words I found out that I’m not the only freak who feels that way, there are many of you guys who can relate to my bullsh*t. So at the middle of the night I just thought why not start blogging and here I’m writing my first blog at 2 am. Huh! Overwhelming! I know! Haha I know nobody is gonna read this for ages but still I’ll keep you posted. And if you’ve the patience to read my blog , dude you can pass through hell with a smile on your face! Haha! Sorry I’ve a weird sense of humour. Well you’re either annoyed or laughing out loud! I’m fine with either of it at least I made you feel something, hehe! Now I’m gonna shut up and go to bed! Don’t you worry I’ll keep you guys posted ;). Until then Ba-bye , love ya all ( I’ll just imagine there like 1000 readers already ^_^).